good morning darlings!

valparaiso morning

After drinking some beers after great concert and great puppetshow in fully-full SalaMaster in Santiago de Chile, I thought I ll have finnally a great sleep, but, no – at 5.30 AM sirena starts yelling at the town, and here I jump from my bed towards the doors (there is only safe place) and wait for next big earthquake…. Nothing happened, so I was bit dissapointed. Well – if the earth does not move, we have to move it, people! 🙂 2 days ago, we had totally communistic show – Torrero was comparing Swedish and Chilean sociall system,  Frog was critisising president Pinera, and concert ended up all people exclamating “El Pueblo unido!!”.. yess, Nano Stern for president!

Nano Stern in action - on festival "Happy dog" (Perrito feliz) for 60 dog and few homo sapiens

This bloody pop singer is walking in town and every 2 nd. person is stopping him and hugging him and he writes one SMS, and our gig is sold out. Well. Who cares about puppeteers today! Puppets? What? aa – you mean marionettes! And when I say, I m making doctorate, people mostly laugh, cos they think its a joke. Where are good old times of renesance, when puppeteer was respected proffession and when puppets were making peoples dreams becomin true (while killing police or milkshaking neighbour). Where is revolutionary fire, where is Woodstock? It was quite strong feeling to finish concert with a-capella „el Pueblo unido“ – with Slovenians would something like this hardly happen – but, infact it happened to me – 3 weeks ago, while singing „žive naj vsi narodi..! (slovenian anthom) with 300 Slovenian immigrants in Slovenian comunity in Buenos Aires, spiced with photos of Bled and Trojanski Krof , I felt for 1st. time in my life something like pathriotism, I felt like I am part of this group of people (even if they were right-wing conservative chatolique opposite-of-Matita people).

my house and at same time cultural center in Buenos Aires - people make actions at their homes, same way as in EU they did during the war or comunism. But there is no real war now, so EU people dont care about underground cultural movement, as there is no need.

See, those were New Slovenians, (anti-comunists, 20 000 all in all), that came after 2nd. world-war,they had to escape from comunistic oppression, they were children escaping in winter over Alps in Austria and waiting for ship over Atlantic, wherever, and here it opened possibility in Buenos, where at this time already lived Old Slovenians (comunists, that escaped there before 2nd. war – about 13000 all in all). So, here they met again!The murderers met their victimes in Pizzeria of Buenos Aires… So told me a pensionist on christmass party of Old slovenian center Triglav in Buenos Aires, it was hard to hear him and his compagneros over „Ne išči sreÄŤe drugod, kot je domaaaa“ (¨dont look for luck otherwhere than is your home” – an interpretation with very strong spanish accent), all oldies wanted to share with me their immigrant stories, I felt so sorry that I didnt have too much time, you know, world is big, and I have to save it!

So – here I am, already bit tired cos I was giving all day hand to about 1000 prisoners from 3300 in prison in Valparaiso (there is place only for half of this number and one week ago there was fire in one other prison and cos you have to have contract confirmed by authority to get out, police didnt leave them out, and immagine – 80 prisoners burnd up! (died)) So. Nobody heard about this. Newspapers have to write about more important things (as „president Pinera is having 2 spoons of sugar in coffie in Koln“ – bthw – Pinera went for tour in EU and while stopping in Berlin, he made little panic by writing in BigBook of visits „Deutchland uber Alles“ (!!!)).

pope in valparaiso - all walls are collored, art is on every corner

So, after 12 performances of Pulcinella and ‘Black salsa singer’ for prisoner killers, prisoner youngsters, prisoner babies (that have to grow up in prison cos their mothers are prisoners) I was released and I m freely walking in beautiful Valparaiso and breathing great athmosphere of this cosy town with colorful houses and beautiful view, and little funiculars, and nice Museum of Titeres, where I am making workshop next week, and good empanadas, and incredible chicas, and so, it is one of the best towns of the world (or best one as Nano Stern says), but still, „dont look for luck otherwhere than is your home“, Don’t know how far I ll have to go to find it. (same as fairitayle about man that was dreaming about tresure somewhere far away, and when he got there, he realised treasure is in his home, under the oven)… achh, Ljubljana (or even better – Koper) I m coming back! (after checking up Berlin and New York – u never know.. 🙂

a woman waiting on her husband, who is momentaly fishing salmons in Sakhalin

Im coming back (to EU) in january, even if I warmly hope (about 35 C here) that airports will be closed and I this will force me to stay forever in Valparaiso. It sounds as exotic as it sounded Buenos Aires 3 years ago (or Praga 7 years ago (or Ljubljana 11 years ago))… My personal guide Pato is such pathriot as my grandfather ata Jure about Idrija (center of the world), he brought us to best „cueca“ bars with old singers and at 5AM I ended up even in a bordell but I was too tired and got asleep on the table… But as Pato says, even chicas in bordell of Valparaiso are different, they are called „Mariposas de la noche“ (butterflys of the night), they are calm they respect themselves, they are cultivated and they are artists, not like girls from Santiago… Anyway. I m still too Slovenian to catch crazy southamerican flirt rythm, I m still happily free as mariposa , and I feel great while talking to different people from different worlds without almost any (cultural) obbligation. And just as I wrote this, an old lady passed by and gives me empanada,  just like this, without any obbligation, the same way as I gave empanada to unknown man few weeks ago in Bolson, so my conclusion for today: There is god and he sees everything and he is good (and he will return my accordion, pleaseeee!)

Good night from Valparadiso!

moon of valparaiso (different from any other moon)

photos from prison:

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Desde Punta Arenas hasta Buenos Aires

Already HERE!  

Yes, soo many things are happening arround me, that I cannot really get the essence of my life, passing fastly by things, just the same way as are in this moment passing by my window billions of bushes, 1274 km from Buenos Aires. Every bush is speciall, people! (matija!)

1 especiall bush in pampa

however, I started drinking mathe some week ago, I ll maybe leave some socks for fans and fill my suitcase with mathe, this great ritualic tea that makes all Argentinian so easy-, but at same time -going and so social (but not exagerated), Yes, I m still presuaded this Argentinos are one of best nations in the world (with some little exeptions for sure – president for example 🙂 Just bought argentinian radically criticall newspaper(and thats why also quite expencive cos it does not like commerce) to learn some spanish and to learn something about „true“ world and I got aslept straight away (I begunn to mark every word that I dont unerstand and it seemed a bit as counting sheeps), but surpricengly – here is columnn of eslovenian phylosofer Slavoj Zizek (not very known in Slovenija, cos we genetically dont like phylosophy) about impossibility to change capitalism. hm. well.

Bolson - my 1st. lemon Pie in history - incredibly good against any kind of depression (see me), right la "cerveza Artesanal¨ from Bolson, typical dark beer that in a second blows away feeling of lonelyness, on left mr. Fergus Walker, personal psychotherapeut (helps in case of loose of accordion)

I was passing Rio Azul (beautifull blue river coming straight from ice, just above hippietown, full of Israelic touristas (they are everywhere!) „El Bolson“), after 4 hours of walking with no plan (see – rivers are bit tricky – you are always courious what is behind the curve, and mostly there is just another curve, so..) so, I met a portugeese guy that was a skaut leader there, and I asked him where should I go and he asked me „What do you look for?“ and I stopped and thought deeply, and realise – I don’t know! (so I answered I look for inspiration (lier!))… He gave me good advice – go over that bridge (it was difficult cos it was missing some parts), and than walk till u cannot go on, and there is a beautifull place“ … How symbolicall, a? And there it was – a paradise –

bridge to other side


cold blue water, and I had to jump in it, even if it was hard (hard to jump), and I was proud (finnally!). Well, I was not proud yesterday, cos I played in „El Bolson Variete-show“ (every saturday, in cultural centre at 19.00 (but better come at 19.30)) – there come all community, about 200 people into circus tent, and they are happy to see anything, Even a stupid frog talking into mathe cup, trying to scream over little babies, that are jumping arround and screaming back at frog, cos they don’t see the immaginative bird.. Anyway – kids screw up my show yesterday night, and I was happy and sweaty out on fresh air, while very primitive clowns were taking over my personall puppet-doctor-disaster. But now on bus station I meet a homeless guy (I thought so, cos he s very dirty, without teeth, walking in strange way) and he tells me – hey, great puppetshow! – we beginn to talk, and, poor guy – was driving all his life easy-peesy with his motorbike, until two days ago a stupid sheep run on his way. Well people – do not under-judge sheeps – every sheep is speciall (and different)! (oh my god)

argentinian hadkearchiff of decision: there were 3 options where to go yesterday, each had +, - and o. I clearly decided for Santiago, but there were no tickets, than for Viedma, but no train, so - thats why I m here (BS) And its good - look at pizza on the bottom of the script...

So, I m travelling on, through little bushes, „Pampa should be cultivated, and people should live there“ (my naeighbour old co-travel-lady, told me). But I think is nice as it is, boring, blu-grey-greenish and with no bloody world-cancer called metropolitanity. Hopefully Benetton and Silvester Stalone will die without selling this land (they have a big part of it) to no one and people will be stupid enough to fight for it till never ever (same as our house in Hrvatini 🙂 whole world should become a squatt and all people should live happyly together with giraffas, mouses and vegeterian lions, yep!

Saludos from bus, 1224 km from Buenos Aires, the only and last Sunday, 28th november 2010 at 21:51, (they are just bringing us dinner! I cannot wait, it is like Kinder Surprice- big expectation, and little dissapointment)
Alloha ciao belli.

Matiha (how the spanish call me) and Fergus Walker jun.


pizza from Buenos (24 hours later)

ps. – Panda Fergus found his brother – they called him „Fergus Sailor“, he s a young dog that will sail world with ship „Kipa Tara“


Fergus Sailor

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21.nov – From Punta Arenas to Fire land and back

Vinceremos! We will win people!

Last word of film about cruel death of mr. Victor Jara (Hara?) musicwriter killed by Pinochet dictator-ship which has to do a lot with little plastic bag, flying over Porvenir in Terra del Fuego, over roofs towards empty pampa, towards his compagneros, thousands white plastic flags, making little constant wrapy noise, sound of surrending conservative people. A woman in little panaderia tries to give us one more plastic bag, as we dont want it, there begins a discussion of nonsence of fight against plastic, u see – everything is plastic today – even people use plastic organs, we will soon be half plastic, well – does one bag less or more make a difference?

1st. in history!

… How is possible that people dont just shut up, but that they even try to presuade you, that good is no good, that positive is nonsence? ..I like this social events, unimportant discussions of unimportant people in Terra del fuego, far away from sweet home, but still with CNN, internet and good old techno music, all things that make u forget where you are. Sound of TV is in every bloody house from Punta Arenas to Puerto Toro, so called last town in the world, where we were playin 2 weeks ago. In school there is 8 kids and only one teacher, all in all 20 people, our caravana culturale was 1st. cultural event in 60 years old history of town, people were happy. –>

¨Passa caie¨ in Cerro Sombrero, terra del fuego -calling people to come on incredibile cultural event into their local 60 years old high luxus standard Cinema (made in 50's for rich naftapeople-use). Today pueblo is half empty and nobody really goes to cinema, or to fancy bowling, nobody even dares to jump into deepest swimming pool in region (which is missing some water)

On other hand – titiritero esloveno,nationall star NanoStern, strange birdman that understands birdlanguage, documentmaker Pedro Chaskell (really cool oldman with young soul that made some really famous documents) + some othe titeres and artists had quite some difficulties to get locals out from their homes in Port Wiliams. It felt bit nonsense playing accordion in village Ukikka and screaming into empty houses to come and see a puppetshow… There were infact only 2

view from shaky plane just before landing in Porto Wiliams, almost southest town on earth with great and cheap¨centoias¨, huge crabs, which many times manage to escape before you cook them (alive), so, never do leave them in your bedroom (as our housmade did), you could mix them up with burglers. But - anyway - there are no burglers in Port Wiliams, the safest and most peacful place on the Earth...

villagers. 1 old alcoholic and 1 last native person of one patagonian tribe ¨yagan¨ in the world, senora Christina. the tribe that lived in this place for thousands of years and will with her death change into history. Cool a? How can modern people in 80 years destroy ten thousands years old culture… Our little group called “II Muestra itinerante” did quite some more and less attended tries into bringing culture in local areas, I was mostly playin on roof of jeep before show to bring at least 2 kids for show (mostly mother wont let them go to see Titeres, cos they had to stay home and wathc telenovela). Kids are the best. I ll slowly stop playin for you boring adults. Twice I was trying to attract pensionists in Punta Arenas-unsuccesfully…

pulcinella doesnt see the monster behind him

Pulcinella is killing dog

pulcinella killed the monster

pulcinella is killing the Death

Pulcinella didnt die, he just transformed himself into music... just as Victor Jara, no? Or our abuelos......

gig for 5 bored pensionists (by my left side right-wing-conservative president Pinera, only second richest person in Chile)

…Here – I felt in love a little bit, her name is Elizabeta and she is a dolphin, tunina, we met only for 2 minutes, but it was enough. This creative creatures just make fun of everything, why dont they go and catch some fish instead of jumping arround our boat? Go to work, dolphins and stop fooling arround, dont behave as kids! (would say most of the serious people). Well – dolphins are naked and they dont use facebook, how the hell can they survive? (should serious people ask themselves, open the window, make deap breath and begin to sing Vologda-Vologda (same as in Bulgakovs roman))… Many other interesting creatures passing by – albatrosos, njangui, than some patagonic alpaca and lods of ovejas in empty pampa land, where trees are from strong wind in permanently in horizontal position. Now is sunny, but snowy, next minute is windy but clowdy, its worst than UK!
I m sittin in little club together with 139dirty wine glasses, accordeon, Carolina and egg, we had great show yesterday in ImagoMundi (Punta Arenas), our central organisation of whole tour. Place is multifunctional – while artist (Fernando Milagro – great cantauthor) is doing his soundcheck, here are 3 people climbing on climbing-wall above him, joggling balls are falling arround, canalisation of youth hostel is leaking into his mate thea, and 20 forigners are screaming while making hard physical exercices,befor going on tour on tour in Antarctica.  In Punta Arenas the only theatre is closed, so appart from super-fancy casino Dreams, Imago Mundi is only place to get good portion of culture (with incredibly good lemon-cake). People are good as their food! They are building a ship (we were supposed to go with ship to south – but southamerican tempo didnt work this out – so next year with EthnoinTransit hopefully) – wooden ship, made by old meister from wood, going to choose the right tree in wood for the main stick (the one that goes under—…)) Anyway – wooden ship seems more tender, more work of art, more an instrument, it seems like a big creature with soul. Mister that makes it is musician too. So, clearly – I got attracted and affacinated, I want to have a ship. With piano and turkisch cat (cos turkisch cats can swimm) – I had this idea when I was 7 years old walking in Dalmacia, so why not. And its cheap only 100 000 Eu – all in all with motor, and with this big sheets above (howthehellis it called?) – much cheaper than EU! In 4 years or so, when I finish my doctor, so I can say – goodbye airports, I can bring my accordion on board of a ship without stress, move my house easily from Ankaran or in Tasmania…
Whatelse? A LOT! uf… How are you? I m cold, so I ll stop, go for last walk on my last PuntaArenas day. Its rainin! It means it will be sunny and hot in few minutes, so I run.
Saludos to northe, or wherever you – whoever you are – are.
All in all yours,
Matita and Fergus Walker junior
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1.nov – from CZ to Hungary to Moscow to Chile

Hola very every!
Here Matija, direct from Santiago de Chile, where is beautiful day of Death. Means we are having party with
nice chile wine with Nano, his friends and our dead friends (their photo are hanging everywhere arround me – among others also dear Luciano Kleva (<—) , Kajetan Tyl (Im his reincarnation some old czech said) and Johann Sebastian Bach (folk-music fan)… So – we are having party for our dead friends! Make it too, you still have time! I like it 🙂  (please, If I will dissapear in Pacific in next days, make really great fun funeral, an huge ethno, and also puppet occupation, yesss, bury me on Cerknisko Jezero and plant a tree on me and than take my bones and make puppetshow (this is for my 2nd. class puppetstudents – and every year new class makes new puppetshow with my bones and that will be my contribution to puppet-development-ship)…

Kipa Tara - yagan ship: Traveling cultural centre. In middle there is reservoar for bio-gasoil, electricity from wind. All made mostly by one man. Waiting for some more sponsors, so it would get finished in time!

34 degrees in Chile is big difference from 5 degrees yesterday in Moscow, 4 degrees two days ago in Magnitogorsk and 0 three days ago in Chelyabinsk, well, also Hungary five days ago was quite fresh, infact – 7 days ago in Prague was worst, so I decided I ll buy a very expencive-water-cold-ice-proof jacket, which seems now without use. Tomorrow I leave to south – fireland, where we will try to handle totally new sailing boat (local natives made it specially for us, hopefully with good thoughts, but some week ago wasnt finished yet (!) ).     —>
So – Sancho pansa and Don Kihot (nano and me) go to sail round pinguins in southest villages in the world… Why not. Life would be otherwise tooooo boring. I got used to eat nuclear fish from Chelyabinsk. There is still some closed towns in that region, nobody knows why even russians cannot enter, well, maybe becouse of nuclear bombs? hmmm… Here short desctription of Magnitogorsk health situation:
“According to the local hospital, only 1% of all children living in the city are in good health. The Blacksmith Institute says that, according to a local newspaper report, “only 28% of infants born in 1992 were healthy, and only 27% had healthy mothers.”
Cool, a? It was beautiful day, only one permanent grey cloud on the north of the town never dissapears… Just to konw, how bloody lucky we are to live where we live. But – maybe I m wrong, maybe people smile deep inside. Probably they are proud of big smoke, they made sightseeing place near factories, so we could admire this realistic copy of Hell.
Well, for us stupid turists, everything is just fun. I had to run on, to play next Attention Moose in Moscow, –>
play another time, pack, and play and sweat again. Happily escaped from all photo sessions with me and Stefano and unknown girls and old russian ladies and run to our huge Cosmos Hotel with 59 limusinas, straight into 22 floor, room 46. Kind of fancy shopping-centre-hothell… I realise I have still quite some work to do, some revolution, no? Puppet guerila. Fight against stealing accordeons! It is similar crime as kidnapping your child! But – I have new little accordion, light as feather, red cheap Delicia, with which I can finnally climb over Andes. Dont know yet, where I go, but probably from south through Patagonia to Buenos Aires, than Santiago again and than christmass in Bolivia.
Happy DeathDay everybodey! (I was thinking, while flying in Aeroflot, that started to behave bit strange in air, I watched on left wing, and there was clearly missing one part, so, I was thinking, If I die now, I would be quite satisfacted with my life, but I survived, who knows if I ll be so satisfacted again…) have to go to eat guacamole
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